Center For Development of Nuclear Informatics,
National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN)

Nuclear Physics & Biophysics Research Division,
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

The National Nuclear Energy Agency and Institut Teknologi Bandung are very proud to present The International Conference On Advances In Nuclear Science And Engineering (ICANSE-2007).
This conference is a joint cooperation between Nuclear Reactor and Physics Laboratory of Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science ITB with the Center for Nuclear Informatics Development of National Nuclear Energy Agency, BATAN. In the past, these two institution have been working to run such conference related to nuclear science and engineering. Since 1991, the Center for Nuclear Informatics Development of BATAN already run an annualy seminar called The Symposium of Computation in Nuclear Science and
Technology. These symposiums traditionally divided into two part, the mathematical computation aspect, and its application in the nuclear technology. The participants of this symposium usually comes from research institutions and universities. The symposiums have made a discussions among researcher and an introductions of this important field to the potential students. In 2005, the Nuclear Reactor and Physics Laboratory succesfully held a conference called Tokyo Tech COE-INES Indonesian International Symposium. This conference focusing in an advance or innovative nuclear reactor design and analyses, gathering researcher and student especially from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Institut Teknologi Bandung. ......................

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