Atom Indonesia Vol. 46 No. 2 August 2020


ID Title Author Page(s)
1 Radiolabeling Technique of Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) with Iodine-131 Radionuclide U.N. Sholikhah, R.R. Syahdi, S.E. Permatasari, E. Sarmini, S Sriyono, T. Widyaningrum 63-68
2 Construction and Evaluation of a Multipurpose Performance Check Phantom for Computed Tomography L.E. Lubis, I. Hariyati, D. Ryangga, I.A.S. Mu'minah, T. Mart, D.S. Soejoko 69-75
3 Comparison of Gamma Index Passing Rate in Several Treatment Planning System Algorithms S. Liura, S.A. Pawiro 77-84
4 Characteristics of Stable Isotope Compositions (δ18O and δ2H) of Surface Water in Bengkulu City B.N. Zega, S. He, A.M. Lubis 85-90
5 Molybdenum-99 (99Mo) Adsorption Profile of Zirconia-Based Materials for 99Mo/99mTc Generator Application M Marlina, E. Lestari, A Abidin, H Hambali, I. Saptiama, S. Febriana, K Kadarisman, R. Awaludin, M. Tanase, K. Nishikata, K. Tsuchiya 91-97
6 Natural Radionuclides Determination and Radiological Hazard Assessments in Soil from Tual and Kei Islands, Indonesia Syarbaini, K Kusdiana, M. Wiyono, D. Iskandar 99-105
7 Characterization of Fe-Chitosan-Succinate- NN’-Methylene Bis-Acrylamide as Ion Imprinted Polymer M. Suhartini, S. Anwar, A. Saefumillah, S. Prayitno, S Sudirman 107-113
8 Assessment of Levels of Occupational Exposure to UV-A and UV-C Radiation among Shielded Metal Arc Welders in Accra, Ghana A. Sawyerr, J.J. Fletcher, J. Amoako, E. Sosu 115-124