Atom Indonesia Vol. 45 No. 2 August 2019

ID Title Author Page(s)
1 Calculation of Control Rods Reactivity Worth of RSG-GAS First Core Using Deterministic and Monte Carlo Methods T. Surbakti, S. Pinem, T.M. Sembiring, A. Hamzah, K. Nabeshima 69-79
2 Release of Radioactive Particulates into the air during Forest fire in Riau Province, Indonesia Syarbaini, Makhsun, Wahyudi, Syahrial, Jasmiyati 81-87
3 Sediment Sources Analysis Using CSSI Method in Pasir Buncir Micro-watershed, Bogor, Indonesia B. Aliyanta, P. Sidauruk 89-95
4 The Effects of External Magnetic Field on the Physical Properties of La0.41Ca0.59Mn1-xCuxO3 with x = 0.06 and 0.15 in the Temperature Range of 100 – 300 K Y.E. Gunanto, W.A. Adi, B. Kurniawan, A. Purwanto, T. Ono, H. Tanaka, E. Steven 97-102
5 Expression of γ-H2AX, 53BP1 and Micronuclei as Genome Damage Biomarker of Population in Keang and Salumati Village, Mamuju West Sulawesi Province A.D. Pratiwi, I.K.H. Basri, S. Purnami, M. Syaifudin, D. Tetriana, D. Yusuf, T. Rahardjo, S. Nurhayati, N. Rahajeng, Y.U. Anggraito, I. Kashiwakura 103-108
6 Application of Digital Anti-Coincidence Counting Method for Primary Activity Determination of 59Fe A. Agusbudiman, K.B. Lee, J.M. Lee 109-113
7 Current Status and Recent Achievements of the Sterile Insect Technique Program Against Dengue Vector, Aedes aegypti, in Indonesia B. Ernawan, H.I. Sasmita, M. Sadar, I. Sugoro 115-121
8 Assessment of Ionizing Radiation Effects on the Hematological Parameters of Radiation-Exposed Workers H.N.E. Surniyantoro, T. Rahardjo, Y. Lusiyanti, N. Rahajeng, A.H. Sadewa, P. Hastuti, H. Date 123-129