Atom Indonesia Vol. 47 No. 2, August 2021



ID Title Author Page(s)
1 Texture Characterization of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Using Neutron Diffraction Method T. H. Priyanto, R. Muslih, A. Insani, B. Bharoto, A. Ramadhani, H. Mugirahardjo 79-84
2 Evaluating the Diffusion Approximation Capability on the Integral Pressurized Water Reactor (IPWR) Core Calculation H. Ardiansyah, M. R. Oktavian 85-92
3 Estimation of Population Size and Dispersal Pattern of Sterile Male Aedes aegypti Using Mark-Release-Recapture (MRR) Technique R. Zulfa, S. Yuliawati, M. Martini, R. Hestiningsih, B. Ernawan 93-98
4 Priming Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation Increases Cellular Radioadaptation Response through the Induction of Hsp70 and SOD2 Supriyadi 99-104
5 Impact of Tube Voltage on Radiation Dose (CTDI) and Image Quality at Chest CT Examination M. El Mansouri, A. Choukri, M. Talbi, O. K. Hakam 105-109
6 Gamma Radiosynthesis of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Stabilized in ι-Carrageenan Under Atmospheric Gases: A Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Study D. P. Perkasa, M. Y. Yunus, Y. Warastuti, B. Abbas 111-119
7 An Automated Measurement of Image Slice Thickness of Computed Tomography Sofiyatun, C. Anam, U. M. Zahro, D. A. Rukmana, G. Dougherty 121-128
8 Addition of Lead (Pb)-Nitrate Filler on Polymer Composite Aprons for X-Ray Radiation Shielding E. Afrianti, D. Tahir, B. Y. E. B Jumpeno, O. A. Firmansyah, J. Mellawati 129-133
9 Comparisons of Water-Equivalent Diameter Measured on Images of Abdominal Routine Computed Tomography with and without A Contrast Agent A. Nitasari, C. Anam, W. S. Budi, A. L. Wati, S Syarifudin, G. Dougherty 135-139
10 Coupled Analysis of Thorium-based Fuels in the High-Performance Light Water Reactor Fuel Assembly Y. Pérez, C. R. García, F. L. Mena, L. Castro 141-150